Magicians of Death

Not long ago, the silver dragons made an attempt to take healing magic from the Positive Energy Plane, and succeeded after a difficult war. However, a lesser known story is of their attempt to take the Negative Energy Plane’s power of death.

It was also started by the silver dragons, though they deny this. They sent some scouts in, to examine the plane. Not one returned. Blaming the death on the plane itself, they made a second attempt, this time with powerful wards. Once again, it failed to return. The silver dragons decided that the threat was real, and sent in a much larger group, led by the leader of the silver dragons. Only a few came back, the leader not among them. They told stories of shadow men, wreathed in darkness, killing with a touch. Not long after, they died as well, of a mysterious sickness.

A few days later, Negative Energy magic came to the world. However, silver dragons were incapable of using it, a sign that the shadow men would not horde their power, but they knew their enemies.

These ‘shadow men’ were the Magicians of Death, an organization of those who truly understand Negative Energy. They are not all evil, as many believe, nor all good. They are simply guardians, like the Ravids, protecting their home. Of course, they are not above using cruel methods to do so.

Magicians of Death

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