Elf Coup

Long ago, before the discovery of arcane magic, the elves were caught and enslaved by other races. All but the gnomes participated in this trade, as gnomes did not believe in slavery.

The elves, however, chose not to take this injustice lying down. The clever people made an alliance with the gnomes, using a special gnome-bred bird, the Atul Dove, to pass messages amongst each other.

Much more important, though, was the discovery of possibly the elves’ greatest achievement: Magic.

Up until then, the only sources of magic were higher powers, and the occasional rift from the Dimensions of Magic. The elves, however, found a way to harness the rifts, sending creatures through them. They were able to use the rifts to send creatures into them and come out in a completely different place. They learned how to draw a large bunch of smaller rifts into one large one, which they could use to transport things without the need for proximity to one particular large rift. They also learned to summon things from beyond, a far more simple matter. Thus conjuration was born. This is how it would stay for a while, but it was an enormous accomplishment all the same. Once they learned to perfect it, communicating through the Atul Doves, they decided the time was ripe to escape their captivity. Their attack was short and brutal, the elves astounding their captors with their summoned creatures which doubled their number. The gnomes called a meeting with the leaders of the other nations, and demanded that they grant immediate freedom to all slaves. Most of the other nations refused. This new magic was powerful, but since the gnomes were unwilling to directly fight, the elves were outnumbered. However, the opportunistic kobolds suddenly agreed to the deal. This new magic intrigued them, and they wished to be able to study it. This was the one term they gave, and so the kobolds were ironically the first to give up slavery.

The game had changed. The Nikresians were, at that time, possibly the most powerful nation on Lielos (with the exception of the Auktrynians). If the Nikresians allied with the elves against the other nations, they could be in great peril. The other nations hurriedly agreed.

And so the Elf Coup was won.

Elf Coup

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